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Why World Diabetes Day?

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Why do we celebrate World Diabetes Day?
There are 60 million diabetes subjects in India and more than double this number with pre – diabetes. Strangely more than half of the patients are unaware of this silent killer. The spread of diabetes across the globe has been rapid with profound impact on health and resources. The importance of diabetes is because of its macro and micro vascular complications, which nowadays are affecting even the younger generations. The International Diabetes Federation initiated the World Diabetes Day (WDD) way back in 1991.Now it is an United Nations approved world day. The colour of diabetes is blue and the official logo is a blue circle with a call to 'unite for diabetes'.
The blue circle is the universal symbol for diabetes. Until 2006, there was no global symbol for diabetes. The icon was developed originally for the campaign for a UN Resolution on diabetes. The United Nations passed Resolution 61/225 ‘World Diabetes Day’ on December 20th 2006.
The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) holds all rights to the blue circle for diabetes.
The purpose of the symbol is to give diabetes a common identity. It aims to:

■ Support all existing efforts to raise awareness about diabetes
■ Inspire new activities, bring diabetes to the attention of the general public
■ Brand diabetes
■ Provide a means to show support for the fight against diabetes

The circle occurs frequently in nature and has thus been widely employed since the dawn of humankind. The significance is overwhelmingly positive. Across cultures, the circle symbolizes life and health. Most significantly, the circle symbolizes unity. The blue border of the circle reflects the colour of the sky and the flag of the United Nations.  In Kerala we have been “celebrating” world diabetes day and world diabetes month for the past 15 years (
In recognition to this and to the more than 450 diabetes awareness, education and   treatment camps that we have organised across the state, including the campaigns via the visual and the print media, International Diabetes Federation has recognised Jothydev’s Diabetes & Research Centre and Kesavadev Trust.  In line with this we are proud to announce our official partnership with International Diabetes Federation for celebrating World Diabetes Day 2012 across Kerala.
World diabetes day is celebrated on Nov 14 being the birthday of Dr. Frederick Banting who along with Charles Best conceived the idea of insulin way back in 1921.
The World Diabetes Day 2012 campaign marks the fourth year of the five-year focus on “Diabetes education and prevention.”The slogan for the 2012 World Diabetes Day campaign is   
Diabetes: Protect our Future. The campaign aims to EDUCATE, ENGAGE and EMPOWER youth and the general public on diabetes.
The three key messages of the campaign are:

  • Access to essential education for everyone
  • The way we live is putting our health at risk
  • People with diabetes face stigma and discrimination

Why Diabetes education?
The global failure in diabetes treatment is attributed to lack of awareness on prevention & treatment of diabetes. Education in diabetes treatment is not an easy process. Patients need to be educated on diet, exercise, timing of intake of drugs, injection techniques, glucose monitoring techniques etc. In our own studies we have observed that even among the patients using insulin injections & glucometers for more than 5 years, they make significant errors when evaluated via a questionnaire survey. Education in diabetes has to be periodic, continuous & need to be updated. The major reason for failure in diabetes management across the globe is lack of education and awareness among doctors and this happens not only to general practitioners but also to specialists and super specialities, since all doctors from specialities may be a directly or indirectly involved or forced to treat diabetes in their practice; diabetes being a very common endocrine disease.
In 2012 the ADA (American Diabetes Association) & EASD (European Association for the Study of Diabetes) Position Statement was published for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes. In October 2012 the International Diabetes Federation published the treatment guidelines for diabetes. These guidelines and statements help aid physicians to customize therapy based on lab parameters, duration of diabetes, complications in diabetes, body weight of the individual and above all the financial status of the individual. This is probably the first time that we have globally recognized the fact that the treatment of diabetes cannot be the same in all individuals.
November 14 is the World Diabetes Day and this year India is the focus for the International Diabetes Federation. World Diabetes day or rather month will be celebrated with free awareness camps across the country. Major monuments will be lighted in blue. There are 100s of events planned across the country, which will also include World diabetes day hero, Pinning the personality, etc., etc.  As doctors we should be well aware of the diabetes pandemic and should be equipped with latest practical knowledge on treating this  catastrophic  disease. Early aggressive interventions with regular monitoring and follow up will ensure 100% success in preventing long term complications.


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